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Trench Coats: Different Types And Styles For Women

Trench Coats: Different Types And Styles For Women

Trench coats were originally known as raincoats in the 19th century and have since then been only men’s style. Later on, this garment transitioned into the world of women’s wear and is today worn as a fashion must-have. They’re entirely unisex In 2021, this iconic garment has brought with it a whole new way to look at the fashion world. But there is one reason this classic garment never quite goes away. It works really well with almost everything, it never disappoints. With its seemingly endless styling options, the trench coat like any other garment is evolving super fast and we shouldn’t be left behind. 

Trench coats come in different versions and make with regards to length, fabric, and color. From lined to unlined, wool to cotton gabardine or khaki drill, poplin to twill weaves, all coming in different options. The three main ones are long, medium, and short trench coats. It’s time to give your wardrobe a stylish boost this year by adding this piece.

Short Trench Coats

The length of a trench coat is traditionally to reach just below the knee. However, if the lengthier silhouette of your typical trench coat does not take your fancy, consider the shortened options instead. The short trench coat falls from just below the hip to mid-thigh length. Anyone can pull off a trench coat but a short trench coat is ideal for petite women as it won’t look bulky or shorten their legs. Trench coats are versatile and can be styled casually or formally and withstand different types of weather. Short trench coats however are ideal for warm but not too warm days. It’s better to be comfy but not too hot. 

For a casual look, a short trench coat looks great paired with jeans and heels or sneakers, a bold colored wrap dress plus heels, with tees or long sleeve tops. Finishing these chic outfits with a cropped trench coat will leave you looking effortlessly elegant. Whether it’s for an interview or a formal event, a trench coat will fit right in with your work clothes. Go for a neutral color that will match your outfit perfectly. If you are wearing a full suit, it is the perfect outwear to match.

Mid-Length Trench Coats

Medium trench coats for women hit just around the knee. Luckily, it is the most universally flattering length. It’s no surprise that most women would go for this trench coat instead of a long or short one. Medium-length trench coats can be worn by just about any woman provided the mid-length trenches lay just above or just below your actual. Yes, that means that any woman can rock a medium trench coat regardless of their body type. Some of the ways to style a classic mid-length trench coat include pairing it with high-waisted jeans and heeled sandals, or with trousers and loafers, classic denim, silk blouse, and a neck scarf. With any of these outfits, you can achieve the best casual looks of the season.

Full Length Trench Coats

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Full-length trench coats fall anywhere from below the knee to ankle length. Tall women can definitely pull this one off. They are very flattering on tall women because the belt around them cinches your waist thus highlighting your midline rather than your height while balancing your figure out. These trench coats look equally amazing on short women by creating a long line that lengthens the legs. Full-length trench coats look great styled with jeans, t-shirts with sneakers or heels, and sweaters. You can also pair it with a tailored suit and tie, dress it down with khakis, and a v-neck sweater for a complete official look.

Color and Fabric in Trench Coats

Whether a trench coat is a short, long, or medium length, color adds more life while extra fabric adds elegance and chic to a regular trench coat. You can find colors ranging from camel to neon green. The fabric also varies greatly from silk to wool, leather to cotton, and wool to satin. The best trench coats are made of lightweight, breathable fabric to beat the seasons. It’s up to you to decide what fabric and color you want in a trench coat. When it comes to color, it’s all about knowing what to wear with what and when. Grey trench coats for example works really well for any season. An excellent piece for lighter-colored clothes like pale blue or beige. Camel and beige works perfectly with traditional earthly colors like brown and green.

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