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8 Sexy Outfits For Date Night That Every Woman Should Own

8 Sexy Outfits For Date Night That Every Woman Should Own

Date night…you obviously need to look your s3xiest self! I can be super stressful planning the perfect outfit for the perfect date with your man, but look no further! Here are 8 essential s3xy outfits and combos that you will ever need for reference when going on date night!

1.  Mini dress

Guys just can’t resist beautiful girls in spring mini dresses. They are super cute and s3xy at the same time; it does not look like you are trying too hard at all! It shows off your s3xy long legs and you will look super girly and sweet! Your guy won’t take his eyes off of you! This is perfect for dinner, a picnic in the park, coffee dates etc!

2. Crop Top With Skirt

Crop tops are obviously super s3xy outfit pieces, and you can totally make them cute and appropriate for a date night! Pairing them with a skirt and heels can make the outfit go from casual to semi dressy and perfect for a dinner or stroll in the city! Showing just the right amount of skin, your guy will not be able to keep his hands (and mind) off of you!

3. Red

Psychology shows that men are crazy attracted to the color red…let’s test that theory on your date night! Any red outfit is super s3xy for a date for obvious reasons; it pops out, you look ravishing, and it is the color of loooove! Wear a red dress for those romantic dinner dates and anniversaries or for going out dancing!

4. Leather Jacket

Leather jackets scream s3xy and edgy! They are absolutely perfect for date night and go with almost any outfit! Wear them with a deep V dress to turn the outfit into a s3x magnet! This kind of outfit is great for clubbing and concerts!

5. Blouse With Jeans

Very chic and classic, a loose blouse with distressed jeans and heels is an amazing s3xy date night outfit! You really won’t have to try too hard to put it together but you will look like a million bucks without breaking a sweat! Your guy will definitely love the classy, confident vibe which will surely get the s3x drive going!

6. Lace

Nothing says s3xy more than a lacey top! Your man’s heart will race when he sees you in lingerie, lace looking type of top that leaves just enough for the imagination! Plus, you probably won’t need to wear a bra for this one which will turn up the heat even more! Pair a top like this with some simple pants or jeans and subtle jewelry; you will be to die for!

7. S3xy Top With Flowy Shorts

Cute, comfy, simple, veryyy s3xy this is a great go to outfit on date night! Just pair a s3xy top with some cute flowy shorts and you are good to go! You will show off all of the essentials; legs, neck, and cleavage, just enough without showing too much! Your guy will get the googly eyes for sure! This is a great outfit for more casual dates but also a night out!

8. Little Black Dress

Last but not in the least…the LBD. A classic, the little black dress never goes out of style and is probably the best go-to s3xy outfit for date night. You just cant go wrong with this one! It works for pretty much any occasion; dinner, dancing, going for a drink etc. Just pair it with some s3xy heels and boom you are ready to go! Your man will never complain when he sees you looking this good!

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