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Top 10 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Rocks In Booty Short Outfits (Photos)

Top 10 Kenyan Female Celebrities Who Rocks In Booty Short Outfits (Photos)

Talia Oyando

Talia Oyand loves shorts, both at work and outside of work. While exercising in the gym, shorts are her uniform that often hangs on her. Talia Oyando was born in a musical family. The daughter of a renowned producer Maurice Oyando began interacting with music at a tender age. Talia has not only been successful as a media personality but has also been a successful woman in a stable marriage. A marriage that got its root in a nightclub.

Shix Kapienga

Shix in her thirties now has a body that some women can only imagine. She has mastered the art of showing off her legs in shorts, and we can’t get her enough. Defying of age and breaking all boundaries is what Shix Kapienga (Nancy Wanjiku Karanja) is all about. Be it in acting, performing comedy or hosting a top radio show, she has shown that she is able to do it all. She takes up all challenges thrown into her plate with all the grace and honor she embodies. She has become a well-known face on the Kenyan media stage and is definitely one of the personalities in Kenya who have remained exclusively true to themselves.

Jacky Vike

Awinja is never ashamed to show off her surprisingly delicate body, and we must admit that we love her legs. Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja, is a talented actress and an established online comedian. Her role as a househelp in Papa Shirandula TV sitcom propelled her to stardom. She gelled so well with her boss, Wilbroda, making the show a must watch. She can be described as funny, gorgeous and a natural on the screens.

Kush Tracey

She is never ashamed to show off her perfect legs, and she did so on various occasions. She comes from various occasions in shorts. Joyce Maina is a presenter at Switch TV who co-hosts Chatspot alongside Kush Tracey and  Nana Owiti. She got the job after a former producer of the show called her asking if she’d like to be a guest host for the show. The show takes a look at trending topics on social media, as well as interviewing celebrities.

Julie Gichuru

Veteran journalists have a leg to give up. In her new post, her legs are grateful to her because she keeps them in shape and can surely rock her shorts.

Janet Mbugua

The newscaster and a mother of two has some nice legs and don’t have to worry about displaying it when they’re off the screen.


Akothee never gets tired of showing off her beautiful black legs. She does it with the slightest chance she get.

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Nice Wanjeri

Whether in shorts or smaller than a regular miniature dress, Wanjeri recognizes that her legs may need a little air.


The musician is a bite in her own right, remembering that she is a mother. She make the men drool.

Brenda Wairimu

Brenda, in her thirties, has to admit that she’s pretty cool because she’s still taking off her shorts like she’s 20 years old.

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