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10 Swim Suit Cover-Ups Trending In 2021 (Photos)

10 Swim Suit Cover-Ups Trending In 2021 (Photos)

Every day is worth celebrating. Whether you choose to do so on a beach trip or a pool party, you’ll need some of your hottest outdoor outfits to set the mood for a good beach or pool day. Whether you are all about sipping on some margarita while soaking on some vitamin D off the shores, or playing some sand volleyball, nothing sets the tone like a cute swimsuit with a stylish cover-up to pair. 

Putting together a beach outfit is so much more than selecting a bikini or a one-piece. Beach cover-ups are an essential key in bringing together a whole look. With a swimsuit cover-up, you can easily transition from the water to a sand volleyball game and back to the water. Below is a round-up of the 10 best swimsuit cover-ups of the season!

1. Floral Net Cover-Up Dresses

One way to go bold with a beach or poolside outfit is with a floral net cover-up. It has a cute geometric structure, flayered sleeves, and a v-shaped neckline to get your s3xy on. The flayered sleeves give a woman some elegance with a bit of cover-up. Take the look up a notch with a pop of color, by rocking a red or pink bathing suit underneath.

2. Crocheted Swimsuit Cover-Up

With everyone trying to go over the top with swimsuit cover-up ideas, what better way to dress up your swimwear than with a gorgeous crochet beach cover-up. The crotchet style will always be on-trend because it’s not only chic and beachy but also very comfortable and light to walk around with. The perfect piece to pair with a belt or denim shorts.

3. Shirt Dress Cover-Ups

The short effortless shirt dress cover-up is not only a classic piece but also lightweight (perfect for a poolside look) and is super breathable too. Whether you want to look super chic or want to up your glam game a classic shirtdress cover-up is the way to go!

4. Beach Wrap Skirt

A quality essential in your packed beach bags, if you are looking for style and elegance in coverage from your waist going down. On the top half though you can go for a crop top, one-piece, or bodysuit depending on how much skin you want to show off. Chic and practical, a wrap dress will take you far.

5. Mesh Cover-Ups

Besides being s3xy and super comfy, mesh cover-ups, wet or dry feel great on the skin. The perfect piece to keep you cool and covered while still showing off your swimsuit. If you are on a budget and the pool can’t wait, you can do it yourself with the procedure below and whip up your own mesh cover-up in no time.

What you need; Oversize t-shirt, Mesh, Scissors, Sewing machine or needle and a thread, Marker and Straight pins. 

How to do it; Fold your fabric in half and nicely line up the edges, Lay your t-shirt against the fabric and line it up with the fabric, Mark the armpit opening, shoulder opening, collar opening and the length of the shoulder, then Cut the shape of the shirt from the folded fabric, Fold your fabric once again and lay the t-shirt against it. Cut the marked parts once again so you have two identical sides of your fabric, Pin the two sides using the straight pins and stitch through the sides of the fabric and shoulders, finally, Turn it inside out and your cover-up is ready to wear.

6. Lace Floral Cover-Ups

With the lace floral bikini cover-up, you can lie down, relax, breathe, and look s3xy at the poolside and beach. And just like the mesh cover-ups, you can look cool and chic while still showing off your swimsuit. This bikini cover-up allows you to feel more attractive and comfortable in your own skin.

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7. Beach Kimono Cover-Ups

Kimonos have the ability to take a beach look to a whole new level. Not only can you wear it as a swimsuit cover-up, but also pair greatly denim cut-offs and tank tops. Needless to say, Kimonos are fashion must-haves.

8. Romper Cover-Ups

Who would have known the good old romper would do so well as a swimsuit cover-up? Rompers are effortless, chic, and fun. A bit of a disclaimer though, rompers are generally worn alone so the chances of you getting a wedgie are high. But if you can handle a wedgie, rompers will have you turning heads at the beach or poolside.

9. Hooded Caftan Cover-Ups

Go from indoors to out with a hooded caftan cover-up. Cozying up to a hooded cover-up is way better than a towel after a great swim. This piece offers high coverage while banishing off the breezes and protecting your scalp from the sun. Whether you prefer one with zipping or not a hooded cover-up sweater will take you far.

10. Spaghetti Long Maxi Dress With Pockets

If you prefer hanging around offshores or at the poolside and not in the water and are looking for a chic, high coverage outfit without being heavy or sweat-inducing, this spaghetti long maxi dress with pockets is perfect for you. And with pockets deep enough to hold your phone and wallet, this maxi dress is the perfect choice for an evening beach stroll.

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