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Red Dress Magic! Reasons Why Every Modern Woman Should Own A Hot Red Dress

Red Dress Magic! Reasons Why Every Modern Woman Should Own A Hot Red Dress

Just about every girl already has a little black dress in her closet (and likely more than one!) It’s a classic that you can wear to the office, to a family function, or even out to a hot date. You can dress it up or dress it down and make it look s3xy or formal. While the little black dress will likely never go out of style, there’s another staple you should consider having instead of — or in addition to — the LBD: enter into your “keep this one right beside your LBD because it will always be style” hot red dress. Here are a few reasons why every girl needs to have a hot red dress in her closet:

Get Noticed

The color red turns heads. Put on some red lipstick, and everyone will take notice. Drive down the street in a red sports car, and everyone will turn to look. Put on a hot, red dress, and all eyes will be on you in any room you enter. Wear the right dress to get the kind of attention you want, whether you want to exude leadership in the office or s3x appeal on a date.

Feel More Confident

A hot, red dress will make you feel s3xy and more confident. That confidence will make you look more s3xy and beautiful. Feeling confident will encourage you to act like a boss in the office or to be interesting and fun on a date. You’ll look and feel your best in the right dress.

Create an Exciting Look

The hot, red dress shares a lot in common with the little black dress, but it is a lot more exciting. Look at two dresses that have the exact same cut side by side, and the one in red will look much more interesting and exciting than the one in black. You don’t have to do much to make a hot, red dress look more interesting or exciting. Add a nice pair of heels and a pair of earrings and you’ll look great.

Gain Access to More Styles

Fashion designers love red. Watch a runway show in any year and any season, and you are likely to see red coming down the aisle at some point. What that means for you is a greater variety of dress style from which to choose. You can buy gorgeous haute couture dresses from the designers themselves (but who really has that budget?) or you can benefit from the trickle-down effect when you are buying off-the-rack looks inspired by the runway.

Enjoy Versatility

Red dresses can be worn during the day or night. The same dress can be worn for cocktails or brunch depending on the shoes and accessories you wear. One dress can be enough to create a variety of looks for a variety of situations. The next time you are shopping for a new dress, look past the standard LBD and start seeing red. Add at least one hot, red dress to your wardrobe and create a variety of s#xy looks that will make you feel great.

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