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Latest Gorgeous Photos of Singing Sensation Nikita Kering

Latest Gorgeous Photos of Singing Sensation Nikita Kering

Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder, so goes a famous saying. While beauty standards widely vary, Kenyan singing sensation Nikita Kering meets many of them. At just 18 years old, Kering has won two gongs at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA), a feat more seasoned musicians only aspire to achieve. Kering also has an advertisement deal with a multinational IT Service company. Given her meteoric rise, the youngster could be an all-time great in Kenya’s music scene.

In her short career, Kering has won several awards, including the AFRIMMA and the Pulse Music Videos Awards.

Kering won two categories at the 2019 AFRIMMA ceremony held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The youngster bagged Best Female in Eastern Africa and Revelation of the African Continent awards.

The Where You Been singer won New Artiste of the Year at the Pulse Music Video Awards when 16 years old.

Kering previously spoke out about the challenges she faces in the Kenyan music scene.

She decried how producers expect her to make a certain type of music. “I write a certain kind of music, and when I go to producers, they ask me to sing like this, or with this accent or else I won’t be commercial,” she said.

Nikita has beaten the odds and is the brand ambassador for Samsung.

With one of Samsung’s other brand ambassador being Nyashinski, it is proof that Kering has a lot of potential.

Kering attended the Brookhouse International School, where she studied Music and Music Technology.

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