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My Story: Unknown Facts About Nviiri The Story Teller

My Story: Unknown Facts About Nviiri The Story Teller

Nviiri The Storyteller is a popular Kenyan singer and songwriter, well known for his excellent guitar skills and exciting performances. As one of the Sol Generations Record’s best artists, he is also a video editor. Many fans know about his songs, thanks to his great performing skills and unique voice. He is a tremendous composer whose skills shine through each song he releases. Nviiri The Storyteller bio reveals his true love and passion for music.

While many may appreciate him for his great music and performing skills, there is a lot more about the creative that would interest his fans. He has been in the industry for quite some time now, working with some of the best in the Kenyan entertainment industry. Even so, Nviiri has managed to curve a name for himself, standing out as a force to reckon with. Below are 5 interesting facts about him you need to know.

The Sol Generation signee artiste Nviiri Sande, alias Nviiri the Storyteller recently again confirmed that he is dating digital content creator Elodie Zone. In October 2020, the singer was spotted with Elodie on several occasions and before they confirmed their relationship, the cat was already out of the bag. Speaking in an interview on TUKO, Nviiri said they had been friends for over eight years and wanted his relationship to be private. “We have been friends for eight years.

We kept our relationship a secret for months without telling people we were dating “We needed to understand ourselves, are we strong enough for the public because they can be ruthless,” he said. Nviiri said that their plan was to keep their relationship low-key until they were ready to announce it, adding that by the time people knew about their affair they were already confident. “Our decision was to keep it low until we were ready to announce it. It affects our brands in a way…will I still continue being Nviiri the ladies’ man, bwana pombe sigara, single man?

Facts About Nviiri The Story Teller

His Pombe Sigara song has nothing to with cigarettes or booze; The Pombe Sigara hit-maker has a way of playing with words and hiding messages in his smartly crafted songs. One such example would be the Pombe Sigara tune. Ordinarily, many people would interpret the song to mean some form of addiction to alcohol and cigarettes, when, in the real sense, the artist goes on about a deeper addiction; women. Listening to the song, Nviiri explains how it is easy to leave his indulgence in alcohol and cigarettes, but the same cannot be the case with women. To drive the message further home, the beautiful video clip of the song sums it up. It starts with the review of the Bible story, where Samson goes down because of Delilah. This is what with most men once they find the woman they cannot look away from. Whatever the argument is, Nviiri’s lyrical mastery comes through most of his creations with Pombe Sigara being but one of the examples.

He co-wrote Melanin with Sauti Sol; If you are an avid Kenyan music lover and follower, then you probably know about Melanin, one of Sauti Sol’s hit in 2018. Sauti Sol is one of Kenya’s best all-male music groups whose success is admirable. If you thought that Nviiri is just good at performing and singing, then his genius creation of the hit song Melanin should confirm his excellent writing skills. He is clearly one of the big-wigs when it comes to writing masterpieces for himself and other stars.

He keeps his private life out of the public eye; While fans know that there is a Nviiri The Storyteller girlfriend somewhere in hiding, now known though, the talented artist makes it his business to keep things private. He hardly talks about anything besides his music publicly, which is something some musicians choose to. Nonetheless, fans know that the lucky woman is indeed fortunate to have Nviiri as her man. Talk of listening to that beautiful voice of his every time she wants. Envious!

He is from Eastlands; Born as Nviiri Sande, Nviiri The Storyteller age is currently 29 years old, according to the Sol-Family video. His passion for music started when he was young. In the early days of his life, he learned how to play the piano through his laptop. His mother attests to the fact that he annoyingly kept pushing and finally perfected the skill. Even while working at his father’s garage, Nviiri continued to learn and polish his songwriting skills over the years, something that saw him get pushed out of his old workstation. His years of hard work paid off. It is not surprising that he is a big star in the making currently.

He is a musician/ engineer; What would make a successful mechanical engineer pursue a music career is something that Nviiri will have to tell. The singer/songwriter trained as a mechanical engineer in one of Kenya’s prestigious universities. However, he decided to pursue his first love, music, a decision that seems to be paying off very well. While most of his writing gigs started a pass time, his collaboration with the successful Sauti Sol band opened doors for him. Nviiri is a beautiful singe on his own. However, his collaborations with one of Kenya’s most successful bands catapulted his success in ways he could not imagine. He is currently celebrated for many of his hit songs, including Pombe Sigara, Fore, and Overdose, just to mention a few. Nviiri The Story Teller remains one of the most successful songwriters and performers in Kenya.

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