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Tips On How To Rock Thigh High Boots

Tips On How To Rock Thigh High Boots

Thigh-high boots are a great fashion piece for the cold season but apart from their protective function they also give your outfits the high fashion touch. As much as most ladies find this accessory a bit bold and almost impossible to pull off, thigh-high boots are for everyone and here is how you can rock them:

Go for bold colors

When it comes to monochromes, you will never be disappointed. For instance, ahead to toe all-black outfit will work wonders with black thigh-high boots. This edgy look will pull your outfit together and draw attention to your whole outfit rather than just the boots in question.

Oversized clothes                                        

I do not mean hide your curves, no! All it means is finding a balance between baggy clothes and tight boots to create an edgy outfit. Pairing these boots with a baggy t-shirt and shorts will look great. Another option would be an oversized jumper.

With a long statement coat

Long winter trench coats look great in combination with thigh-high boots. This look will bring the sexy to your cold weather outfit. For this combo, you can work with a short skirt or leather pants. Also, the coat will avoid making the boots the focal point of attention and instead pull the whole look together.

Pair them with denim

You can never go wrong with jeans, whether a skirt, shirt or trouser. It may be a simple combo but it will come out very fashionable and you could show off your pair of boots. You can complete this look with a button shirt or t-shirt.

Boots with slits

Front and side slits were made for thigh-high boots. It is a perfect opportunity to show off just enough skin and still look classy.

Pair with a mini

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With the cold weather a pair of shorts, a short skirt or short dress will be your last option not unless you enjoy freezing and shining. Well, this is where your thigh high boots save the day. It will allow you to still look fashionable, keep warm and show off just enough skin.

Style with a dress

Thigh high boots don’t look great with every dress. Dresses that pair well with high boots are heavy knits such as; sweater dresses, cardigans, dress shirts and blazer dresses. These dresses should be below to give your whole outfit that cool, edgy and sexy finish.

Boots with oversized silhouettes

For women who want to pull that masculine look with a tip of sexiness, oversized blazers with skinny jeans, heavy tights or leather pants will do the trick, the mix of proportions will pull together your whole look. For the top you could try assorted styles from t-shirts to strapless tops, V-neck blouses or even turtle neck sweaters or shirts.

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