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Plus Size Style Ideas For Kenyan Women

Plus Size Style Ideas For Kenyan Women

Although the fashion industry is rapidly shifting to accommodate the plus size market, very few, if any stores in Kenya carry plus sized merchandise. Plus size does not necessarily mean being curvy-not all plus size women are busty with wide hips, so extra fabric is not always the answer. 

This is a call for designers to take bolder strides by embracing body diversity and come up with better and more consistent fits for all sizes and shapes. Plus sized women should experience having the option and freedom to try items on and see how the fit before making a purchase.Thanks to plus size models both locally and internationally, the hourglass shape rules the runway placing new expectations on plus size women. Below are hot and trendy styles for plus sized women in Kenya

Flare In Dress

You can’t go wrong with this flirty fit and flare dress. A ravishing outfit that will complement your curves and cover for formal, casual, and a cocktail look. Rocking this outfit does not stop here. You can wear a coat over your shoulder for a supreme street look, or wear a long-sleeved shirt under if its a sleeveless dress.


It is often assumed that jumpsuits are for the size one woman-on the contrary, jumpsuits can be worn by women of all sizes, shapes and height. It is because of its interesting head to toe fit that its able to complement any figure and is by far the most trickiest silhouettes to master. You can rock this outfit in the office by wearing a blazer over it and still go partying with friends afterwards. You can spice the look up a bit by wearing heeled sandals or sneakers, whatever takes your fancy.

Banned Tee With a Pencil Skirt

A formal pencil skirt that is high waisted or with a thick waistband goes perfectly with a banned t-shirt or top to create a cute street style look. Finish the look by stepping on a pair of high heels or sophisticated sneakers.

Skinny Jeans

This fitted denim style is a trend that will never disappear. A style that has been dominating the industry for the longest time, offering a flattering fitting that complements women’s curves all day, every day. Look for skinny jeans with the comfort of some stretch to give yourself a little more room to move and breathe.

Faux Leather Skirt With a Turtle Neck and Beret

Leather skirts will always be in fashion, especially because it is highly elastic and forms to your shape like a second skin. Its a classy, timeless and versatile piece to wear and works fantastically with a beret and turtle neck to give an effortlessly gorgeous look. Turtle necks not only keep you neck warm but are also very fashionable.

Fitting Short Ankara Dresses

On the hunt for the perfect dress with attractive and colorful pattern? Look no further than this elegant short Ankara dress that will hug your curves and still give you the stretch you need. Ankara can be styled down to fit any occasion at any time ranging from church, wedding, date, red carpet and anything you might think of.

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Shorts with An Off-Shoulder Top

This is one of the most creative ways to wear shorts like a fashion girl. Off-shoulder tops are not only s3xy and modern in appearance but also flattering, perfect for a woman who doesn’t mind flaunting her shoulders, a great combo to rock in hot weather. If you don’t mind showing off thighs, mid-length shorts that fall just above the knee to mid-thigh are perfect for you.

Wrap Dresses

Make a statement with a ridiculously flattering wrap dress that defines your waist like no other, with a v-shaped neck line to complement your bust. We’ve all been in a situation where a dress feels too tight after a meal and had to fake a bathroom break to loosen up a little. Its time to try a wrap dress, its adjustable and fits just right. Its ideal for a variety of occasions, so there’s something for every taste.

Off-Shoulder Belted Body Con Dresses

A fitted dress never looked so good with a plus size off-shoulder, belted body con dress. An outfit that will have onlookers delighting in this classy fit on the red carpet, wedding, date or any occasion you can think off. The v-shaped neck line complements your bust to create an effortless style enough to inspire smiles. In Conclusion, when it comes to women’s bodies, women are incredibly diverse and unique. Brands are now paying attention to the fact that 68% of shoppers in boutiques and stores are plus-size women. Thanks to this advancement in fashion and design, plus-size women no longer have to compromise on fit and comfort.

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