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Photos – Journalists Grace Msalame And Betty Kyallo Amazing Fashion Style

Photos – Journalists Grace Msalame And Betty Kyallo Amazing Fashion Style

Being a journalist comes with a burden of its own. From how you present yourself, how you talk, how you relate with others, to how you dress up. These two media personalities, Grace Msalame and Betty Kyalo have passed the test of time and have created a niche of their own. Their fashion is always on point and they have never disappointed their fans.

Grace Msalame

Born in 1986, Grace Msalame is a media personality, content creator, acquisitions manager, and a Vivo brand ambassador. She started her career as a TV presenter and has risen to be a polished news anchor. She first hit the screen at the tender age of 19 and has now curved a niche for herself in the ever-competitive world of media.

Grace is a woman with charm and style. One that, with her curved body, sweet voice, and elegant design, lifts her audience off their feet. Her style can be described as versatile, ranging from business style to casual, and will always look beautiful.

Betty Mutei Kyalo

Born on March 15th, 1989, Betty is a journalist, news anchor, entrepreneur, and TV host. The mother of one has a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Daystar University.

Her passion for journalism and to appear on the screen began when she was young. Originally, she wanted to be a nun, because they looked so angelic and peaceful in church.

Betty Kyalo as an entrepreneur is the CEO of Flair with Betty parlor, located in the Kilimani area at FCB Mihrab building, along Lena road. She usually hit it spot on with her fashionable and charming style. Her sense of fashion and style is something that always arouses concern and interest among her fans.


Grace Msalame 

Betty Kyalo 

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