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PHOTOS — Celebrities Who Prove Short Hair Cuts Are Totally Gorgeous!

PHOTOS — Celebrities Who Prove Short Hair Cuts Are Totally Gorgeous!

Although it is said that the crown of a woman is her hair, these women refuse to be defined by their mane and go the India Arie way, (I Am Not My Hair), to defy the socially accepted norm of having the most common, long hair. Opting for shorter tresses though, this is their form of expression and boy don’t you just love it? While the list might be or is endless, these women just have it going on.

Generally, we all agree that women love looking gorgeous whenever they step out. One way of achieving a stunning look is to take care of one’s hair. Most women think that adopting different hairstyles takes care of it all but there is a group of them who have deviated from the popular belief. Instead, they have decided to keep their hair short. The article will explore some of the celebrities who have been spotted with short hair and look stunning with that. They include: 

Joy Kendi

Well-known local fashion blogger Joy Kendi shocked many after cutting off her long hair to reveal a new short hairdo a few years back and this just made her hotter.

Olive Karmen

Olive Karmen is one of the most sought-after female drummers who sticks to her signature platinum mane.


Although she changes up her hair from time to time with braids and wigs, celebrated singer Wahu is known for super short hair which she wears colored or in its natural color.


From the time she hit the music scene we have come to love her gorgeous melanin and her short hair which she has maintained religiously. 

Patricia Kihoro

The famous radio presenter has for the longest time been into afro chic vibes and it comes as no surprise if her hair isn’t in an African turban, it’s in its short natural state.

Neomi Ng’ang’a

Since Neomi hit our TV screens and radio, she is no newbie to a short hairstyle. Though we have known her to have long hair before from braids and weaves, she would rather do her own.


With looks and curves like those better believe Huddah doesn’t need hair to steal the show.

Lupita Nyong’o

Thanks to celebrated actress Lupita’s hairstylists who showed us how cool short black hair is, many black women have come to love and accept their own no matter how short. Lupita is always a vision in short hair. Of the many celebs with gorgeous short do’s, she consistently shows the most creativity in how to style it. Lupita continually comes up with innovative ways to mix up her look, which is a huge feat considering she often has less than two inches of hair to work with! From the French roll to a twisted pompadour, Lupita proves short hair is in no way limiting.


The international Kenyan rapper occasionally changes up her tresses with sexy wigs and braids but it is her short hair that we adore. 

Size 8

The gospel artist has come a long way from her fiery red hair days graduating to her natural two-tone haircut.


She was born as Faustina Charles Mfinanga. Nandy is one of the successful female musicians in East Africa. The Tanzania based artist occasionally has short hair and the option has never failed the gorgeous ‘African Princess’

Frida Kajala

The 38-year-old Tanzanian Kajala has been an actress for about a decade. She is the former girlfriend to Harmonize. The two announced their merry affair this year shortly after the musician called it quits with his then-wife, Sarah Michelle. However, the relationship survived only a few weeks after the publicity.


She is a Kenyan well-known musician. Vivian is married to Kenya west who is also her manager. The artist loves the simple look by constantly keeping her hair short and dyed.

Wema Sepetu.

She was born on September 28, 1990. She became miss Tanzania in 2006. She was the first publicized girlfriend of Diamond Platinumz. She is allegedly said to have assisted greatly in increasing the musician’s popularity.

Regina Daniels

She is one of the successful Nigerian actresses. She is currently married to a billionaire politician, lawyer named Ned Nwoko. She is a mother to one Munir Ned Nwoko.

Jacqueline Wolper

She is an actress cum entrepreneur. She was the first known Harmonize’s girlfriend before things turned sour on a cheating basis. She is now a mother of one Rich Mitindo, a fashion model, and an actor.

So whoever came up with the notion that beautiful hair always has to be long and flowing over needs a serious introduction into the world of short ‘dos. Going for less length can be just as gorgeous, if not more so, than any given super long style. Need more proof? Look no further than below 10 celebrities to see just how chic short can be.

Julianne Hough

In recent years, actress and dancer Julianne Hough has most often been seen sporting her signature lob, but in 2012 she told InStyle she was itching to make a dramatic change. “I keep going shorter, it’s like the curse of the short hair syndrome,” Hough said. “My friend has a pixie cut and I’ve been wanting to do her style. I probably won’t do that, but I want to.” Well, two years later, she actually did. Julianne has the ideal face shape to pull off an ultra-short cut, and she looked incredible showing it off on the red carpet throughout the year 2014. 

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a total hair chameleon. She’s experimented with every color, texture, style, and length since stepping onto the Hollywood scene in the year 1998. However, from the year 2014 through today, Johansson hasn’t wavered from a very short blonde cut  — and we absolutely love it. As seen here Scarlett Johansson is shining in pink at the MTV Movie Awards.

Emma Watson

A colossal change from the long, frizzy, auburn haircut she had throughout her role as Hermione, Emma Watson’s infamous pixie crop debuted in November of the year 2010. Watson described this huge change as “the most liberating thing,” and the fashion world responded with overwhelming support. Watson’s pixie cut even appeared on the front cover of British Vogue in December of the same year of 2010, as well as Vogue’s July 2011 cover.

Michelle Williams

As much as we adore her classic, short blonde cut, it turns out there is a heartbreaking reason she has resisted changing it. In an interview with Elle UK, the talented actress revealed why she holds onto her cropped cut, even though her daughter and heteros3xual men supposedly aren’t fans. “I chopped it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it,” Williams said, in reference to her late partner Heath Ledger, who tragically passed away in the year 2008.

Halle Berry

This striking actress could pull off any haircut with smashing pap success. Yet, when she first cut her hair short in the year 1989, she was told she’d never get any work looking that way. Shortly thereafter, She booked her first role in the TV series, Living Dolls, and she believes it’s solely because she stood out from all of the other girls with the exact same look. Her career took off from there, and today she’s a proud Oscar winner. It just goes to show you how great risk can pay off. 

Carey Mulligan

Fact: Nobody does short hair better than the one and only Carey Mulligan, whose crop has been every shade of blonde, brunette, and auburn. When Carey first began her acting career, Mulligan had long, girl-next-door hair. However, since getting her signature cut, she’s been cast in some of the most covetable leading roles, including Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Maybe there’s something to this short hair thing, we are to discoover. 


Bad girl RiRi as she calls herself looked stunning at the year 2012 MTV VMAs, debuting her unexpected pixie cut in a white dress and red lipstick. This proved to be one of the best beauty looks of the year, but she excelled in other ways that night; her music video for “We Found Love” also won the award for best video of the year. Now that’s a good night.

Anne Hathaway

The world loved the way Anne Hathaway looked in her pixie cut, but it turns out the actress herself wasn’t too keen on how she looked and was forced to cut it for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables. After cutting off her dark, thick locks, Hathaway says she looked in the mirror and burst into tears because she felt the short style looked too masculine on her. We politely disagree, huh. 

Katie Holmes

The Mad Money star’s pixie cut was all the rage after she cut it in the year 2008. However, Katie Holmes didn’t stick with it long. By the 2009, Holmes had already grown her hair out to a chin-length bob, and she hasn’t returned to short hair since. At least we have the photos. 

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