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Maureen Waititu Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her New Man

Maureen Waititu Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Her New Man

The popular content creator and influencer Maureen Waititu has finally given fans a sneak peek into her new relationship. Taking to her Instagram account to trickle hints, the lawyer posted a cozy picture of just the hand of her new love holding onto hers while she beams back with a smile. “The King’s view, glowing queen,” she captioned the sweet snap, adding, “loving this chapter of my life.”

Waititu had first implied that she was in a relationship on Valentine’s Day this year when she poured out compliments to a mysterious “king” who had surprised her by filling her home with roses and other charming gifts. “Just when I thought that my Valentine’s Day couldn’t get any better, I come home to this!” she wrote under a mini-video tour of her bedroom and hallways, which were decorated with arrangements of yellow roses. “Queen, wonder woman,” posters on the floor read. “A whole king rose up to the occasion and didn’t hold back to give me the best Valentine’s Day of my life. Yap, yellow roses are my favorite. P/S, my personal assistant is the best, he made sure that my sharp senses stayed out of this entire arrangement,” Waititu wrote, adding, “God truly restores.”

And when the mother of two said restoration, perhaps she was talking about moving on from her tumultuous break up with popular content creator and Fitness Trainer, Frankie “Just Gym It” Kiarie. Kiarie and Waititu broke up in 2019 after nearly six years together and shared two little boys from their relationship. “I’m still dealing with it. It takes time to come to terms with a breakup because of the physical and emotional toll… it feels almost like grief because I feel like I’ve lost someone who ideally I wanted to grow old with. It took me to a really dark place and it’s definitely not the way I envisioned things,” said Waititu in 2019.

The breakup turned bitter when Kiarie moved on with popular social media personality Corazon Kwamboka, who is famed for her hourglass frame and appealing looks. The curvy socialite had been spotted out and about with the Fitness Trainer for months before Kiarie and Waititu revealed that they had split. The former couple made headlines for public spats over the custody of their children and time spent with them.

After months of passive-aggressive exchanges, especially brought about by probing by fans on social media, the pair each released heated YouTube videos on their individual channels, giving their sides of the story. “Recently I was accused of not giving access to the father of my children and it is so sad that he actually had to use a social media platform to wish my son a happy birthday and then drag my name to that. This is the second time that is happening. Putting me out there to be trolled and attacked in the name of, ‘I love my children. I have papers, I have evidence of everything I have tried to do to try and bring him to become a better father,” Waititu fumed on her video.

“She moved out without informing me on where she was relocating to so that we could agree on how to cost-share rent, This, however, suddenly changed as she told me that I would only be seeing them only once a week, on Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, and as time went by, she began giving excuses whenever I wanted to be with the kids,” Kiarie said on his response video.

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